Sunday, December 14, 2014

Menu for week 50

I only blogged 3 recipes this week, but we are getting closer to x-mas and preparations are in full swing. This means that I have less time to do other things, like blogging. We did try plenty of new recipes though which I will get to eventually :)

Sunday: We made a typical Dutch fish dish, called kibbeling. It is cod in batter and then fried. The recipe will follow.

Monday and Tuesday: Potato and spinach curry in wraps. (recipe to come)

Wednesday Baking: Our first x-mas recipe! Almond muffins. Recipe to come :)

Wednesday: Chimmichurri, one of the few boxed meals we still eat. But we love this one :)

Thursday and Friday: Pasta with bell pepper sauce and cod. Recipe will follow.

Saturday: Pancakes with cheese and "bacon".

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