Sunday, December 7, 2014

Menu for week 49

A lot of new recipes once again,. I love it when I have the time to try new things. On Sunday we stayed over for dinner at my cousin unexpectedly, so I had to move some things around. But it turned out just fine :)

Sunday: After we went to the forest with my cousin and both our dogs, we stayed over for dinner. We wokked all kinds of veggies on a table wok, and we had loads of fun :)

Monday Morning: This is a whole other concept of breakfast in bed ;) We put all the ingredients for an Italian Tomato Bread inside the bread machine and a beautiful bread came out the next morning. Recipe to come.

Monday: Oven roasted veggies with vegetarian burgers. The recipe needs some tweaking but I know what the points of improvement are. Aaka don't toss everything in the oven at the same time like the recipe stated, but that is easily fixed.

Tuesday: Potatoes, mushrooms, white beans in tomato sauce and a vegetarian stuffed schnitzel.

Wednesday and Thursday: Savoury cupcakes for dinner? Yeah why not? Okay I have to admit that we didn't made a veggie quota those days, but it was very comforting and tasty. Served with a warm sauce as topping, it really felt like an evening meal. These are voodoo lounge cupcakes from Rudolph. We were only planning to eat it one day, but the recipe produced about 20 cupcakes, so we ate it for two days. Also great alongside some soup. Recipe to come.

Friday and Saturday: Jamie's Mushroom Pasta. About 2 weeks ago there was a Jamie Oliver marathon on 24-kitchen, where I picked up some good recipes. So this was one of them. I will share it later.

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