Sunday, November 30, 2014

Menu for week 48

Can you believe it is only one month away until the new year?! I see the week numbers every week but it didn't really sink in until now. I am glad that the hectic times are behind me for a bit, until x-mas draws closer, that is. But I had my last school day of the year last Wednesday and I am happy that I don't have many obligations in the coming week. I also starting to catch up on my recipes, I hope I can keep up the daily posting for a while longer :)

Sunday: We had an Abunai staff meeting, and ended up at the McDonalds afterwards. It is never my favorite place to eat, but I can adjust when I am with a group. I had the fish o filet, French fries and a chocolate milkshake.

Monday: Potato-leek soup. I had a soup craving, so I decided to go for this easy but filling soup. We also had it for lunch the next day :)

Tuesday: I wanted to eat some kind of veggie pancakes because those I could easily take with me to school the next day, which I did. And I also ordered mushroom soup at school, so that made for a nice lunch. These are the courgette and corn pancakes.

Wednesday: Because I am always late at home from school, we always keep it extra simple. We chose Easy Lahmacun.

Thursday and Friday: So after going to familiar recipes in the first half of the week, it was time for something new. A vegan spaghetti with tomato and eggplant sauce. Recipe to come.

Friday Baking: Hartige Banketstaaf. We baked savoury this week. It is kind of a vegetarian sausage roll, with a twist on a Sinterklaas classic. Recipe to come.

Saturday: Nick doesn't care much for peas, but I like them quite a bit. So I decided to try Jamie's Cheesy Peas as a side dish. He said this was much better and less boring. Recipe will follow. Here served with potatoes and fish fingers.

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