Sunday, November 16, 2014

Menu for week 46

We have made 6(!) new recipes this week! I have no idea when I will be able to blog all this, haha. But we made some very delicious things this week. I must see if I can make a dent in my backlog of recipes. In the next weeks I will prioritise the Sinterklaas related recipes because that Dutch festivity is coming up soon :)

Sunday: Mashpot "gezond". This is a lettuce mashpot with tomatoes, cucumber, apple and eggs. A very nice mashpot. Recipe to come.

Monday and Tuesday: Risotto with mushrooms and pear. (recipe to come)

Wednesday Lunch: Pasta salad with salmon and peas. I used the leftovers in the house to make this salad.

Wednesday Baking: Schuddebuikjes Rotsjes. These are made with the left over schuddebuikjes from last week's baking. You can make these chocolate chunks with all kind of stuff :) Recipe to come.

Wednesday and Thursday: Indian Spinach Curry. Yum!

Friday: Because we had friends over we had pizza, but I forgot to take the picture.
Friday Snack: Because we watched anime with friends we made some Japanese related snacks. These are University sweet potatoes. (recipe to come)

Friday Snack: Vegetarian Teriyaki balls. This was the other snack we served. The plate looks a bit of a mess ;) (recipe to come)

Saturday: Kale Pancakes. Made with some leftover kale in the freezer. Recipe to come.

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