Monday, November 3, 2014

Menu for week 44

The most annoying thing about winter time? That it is now dark during dinner time and that means crappy pictures from now on :(
As for the menu we made a menu partly based on what was on sale. But this week pumpkin starred on our menu too because of Samhain.

Sunday: My mom got out of the hospital this day. And we ate pizza because we really didn't feel like cooking.

Monday and Tuesday: There were bell peppers on sale, so we ate these lovely unstuffed vegetarian peppers.

Wednesday Baking: We maked peanutties. (recipe to come)

Wednesday: Pumpkin and kale mashpot. Very nice and almost only veggies on the plate. (recipe to come)

Thursday and Friday: Pumpkin and potato ovendish with cheddar and bell pepper. (recipe to come)

Saturday: We were at a birthday party of a friend of ours and pizza was ordered. Let's not make a habit of all the pizza ;)

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