Monday, October 6, 2014

Menu for week 40

I am afraid we had a bit of a boring menu in the past week. No baking, not many new recipes. Just quick and easy. I had to go to school last week and I will be very busy until the weekend of this week. So that doesn't leave much time for a creative menu.

Sunday and Monday: Gnocchi with courgette sauce. It had been too long since we ate gnocchi, so we had to put it on the menu again. This is still our go to recipe for gnocchi.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Stuffed bean wraps. We didn't really use a recipe here. But there are kidney beans in there, tomatoes, bell pepper, corn and faux chicken.

Wednesday Lunch: Okay, it is not really a bento, but because I only had 1 dish to school, this was easier. It is a couscous salad with salmon, cucumber, mushrooms and spinach. Recipe to come.

Thursday and Friday: Broc and cheese. This time with a little bit of red pesto, because we had some that we needed to use.
Saturday: We went to a Japanese indoor fair and I had sushi for lunch and a store bought quiche for dinner later on. But I forgot to take pictures of both.

For the next week we will be busy as well. To be honest, it might stay this way for all of October. So I am not sure when I will be able to post recipes etc. But we will see.

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