Sunday, September 7, 2014

Menu for week 35 & 36

Because last week around this time Abunai! was still in full swing, and I wasn't able to post, this week I post the menu of the 2 previous weeks. Sadly during Abunai! I mostly forgot to take pictures of the food.

Monday Treat: It was my b-day so of course we had pie. This is a lovely custard crumble pie, which I did not make myself ;)

Monday: We went out for dinner in a Greek restaurant. Nick had a mixed meat dish and I has a Greek oven pasta dish with roasted veggies and potatoes on the side.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Fishy ovendish, but this time with broccoli.
Thursday: On Abunai, mushroom ravioli in creamy sauce with spinach.

Friday till Monday breakfast: There was a very large breakfast buffet with an English breakfast part and also a lot of sweet treats. I had something different each day.

Friday: I had a vegetarian quiche and spicy tuna onigiri.
Saturday: Salmon and Tuna Sushi
Sunday: Dinner buffet where I had the catch of the day, mixed veggies and salad. Chocolate mousse as dessert.

Monday: We were too knackered from Abunai to cook, so we ordered Subway. Mine is the veggie patty.

Tuesday: Easy Lahmacun. Yes again ;) But now we will stay clear of it the next couple of weeks.

Wednesday Baking: Roze koeken, only this time with a raspberry glaze.

Wednesday: Baked potatoes, spinach with egg, and fish fingers

Thursday and Friday: Pasta Alfredo with bell pepper sauce

Saturday Baking: Maple Shortbread Cookies (recipe to come)

Saturday and Sunday: Unstuffed Vegetarian Peppers (recipe to come)

So for next week of course less junk but on Abunai! I always go with the flow. I walk it off anyway. And I am finally going to make something off my food bucketlist :)

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