Monday, August 4, 2014

Menu for week 30 and 31

It is August and this means that I will be very busy with Abunai!, the Japanese culture convention I help to set up. So expect fewer posts for a while. Also the extremely warm weather we've been having doesn't help either. Because it is simply too hot to spend much time behind my pc. So I mainly just do stuff for Abunai! and be done with it ;) Anyway, here is what we ate in the past 2 weeks.

Sunday: After a day of activities on a b-day party, we ordered pizza.

 Monday and Tuesday: A go to recipe for hot days is our couscous salad.

Wednesday: We tried something new. Eggplant and mushroom packages out of the oven. Easy because you only need to cut and toss things and place it in the oven. (recipe to come)

Thursday and Friday: White bean salad. Quite refreshing, and for really hot days this is really enough.

Saturday lunch: A friend of mine came to visit and made this for me. It is an oven baked tomato bread with tuna pate and lettuce.

Saturday: Tikka masala curry.
Sunday: We went to a monkey park and ended up at the McDonalds.

Monday and Tuesday: Beanotto, a risotto without rice. Nick put in more mascarpone by accident, making it more like a soup. The flavour was good, so we will re make it before sharing the recipe.

Wednesday: Simple pancakes

Wednesday baking: Peanut butter and chocolate chips shortbread. (recipe to come)

Thursday: We ate at a friends house, broccoli with vegetarian minced meat, rice and cheese sauce.

Friday: Chili dogs. Mine were made with vegetarian sausages.

Saturday: We cooked for Lammas this corn curry. We followed the recipe closely but it became soupy. Flavours were good, but won't blog the recipe. Sadly this means that for now we only have 1 Lammas recipe on the blog. Hopefully I am able to squeeze in another recipe that is suitable for Lammas. But since it already passed, I am not sure we will. Lammas is a difficult celebration for us, because of the timing, early August.

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