Monday, July 21, 2014

Menu for week 29

I was a bit stupid when I was clearing out food pics from my phone ;) I deleted the pics from Sunday till Tuesday from this week by accident, so I only have pictures from what we ate starting on Wednesday. Oops. It was getting really hot too, and this will continue throughout the week.

Sunday: We had the Abunai! staff meeting, so afterwards we stopped at a friends home. They ordered in fries, but I had a pasta salad caprese that day.
Monday and Tuesday: Pasta with spinach, cream cheese, mushroom and tomatoes.

Wednesday Baking: Right before the temperatures went crazy, we baked a Charlotte Cake with cherries and apple. Recipe to come.

Wednesday: Baked potatoes, lettuce and mushrooms.

Thursday: Risotto with sundried tomatoes and broccoli. Not the best we have had, so won't share the recipe because it was only okayish.
Friday: This risotto wasn't suitable for two days because the broccoli went soggy, so I made a quick meal salad from what I has: corn, peas, tomatoes, lettuce and tuna.

Saturday: Japanese potato salad. It was too hot to eat anything else than salad really.

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