Monday, July 14, 2014

Menu for week 28

This is one day late because I was away for the whole weekend. Abunai!, the annual Japanse culture convention is getting closer and the weekends are really busy with organising everything. This results in eating out a lot, and by that I don't mean the fancy restaurant type of thing ;) I wish ;)

Sunday: We had a film day for the Abunai! opening movie. We ended up at the McDonalds, which is never my first choice but I can adjust. At least the milkshake was good, and I had Toothless in my happy meal ;)

Monday and Tuesday: Cauliflower and potato ovendish. The cauliflower was on sale again, so we made a simple oven dish with it this time. (recipe to come)

Wednesday: Durum with falafel, bell pepper and apple. Yum!

Wednesday baking: On my food bucket list was making shortbread. So we made a lemon and rosemary shortbread for this weeks baking experiment. It was very tasty! (recipe to come)

Thursday: We ate a lentil and white beans stew with vegetarian sausage. An easy dish and surprisingly good! (recipe to come)

Friday: We had left over stew, but not enough so we mixed it with a can of white beans in tomato sauce. Served with spiced potatoes and fish fingers.

Saturday: We were at a friend's b-day party and this is what we ate, amongst other things. The wraps had 3 kind of different things in them: Lettuce and salmon, Lettuce and tomato, Brie with pine nuts and sundried tomatoes.

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  1. looks like a tasty week. thanks for sharing. Always helpful to see how others truly eat on an every day basis.