Saturday, June 28, 2014

Menu for week 26

In the past week we ate a lot of lukewarm salads. All though as I write this, it is rainy and not salad weather at all, but it was a pretty nice week for easy and great salads :) We are a bit in an easy does it mode atm. I expect this will be the case for next week as well, as I have the final day of school next Tuesday for the year.

Sunday Baking: We made Sun Cookies for Litha (recipe to come)

Sunday: A veggie patty sub for easy dinner

Monday Lunch: Toasted bagels with cream cheese and chives

Monday and Tuesday: Oven dish with green beans, potatoes and tomatoes (recipe to come)

Wednesday: Pasta salad with avocado, sundried & cherry tomatoes and spinach.

Thursday: Baked potatoes, cauliflower and faux meat.

Friday: Cauliflower salad (recipe to come)

Saturday: Vegetarian hamburgers from the AH.

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