Sunday, May 4, 2014

Menu for week 18

I have been trying to post more recipes this week to catch up on my backlog, but I only ened up placing 1 more than usual. Oh well, slowly but surely..? ;) Anyway, I did mange to already blog the recipes for the things we took on the Beltane picnic. In case you missed them, they are down below :)

Beltane Picnic: Tomato-Cheese Pretzels

Beltane Picnic: Honey Ginger Cake

Sunday: While I blogged my own recipe for vegetarian kapsalon last week, I found out that since a short while the local snackbar does serve a veggie variation too.

Monday and Tuesday: Quiche Caprese (recipe to come)

Wednesday: home made sushi, with sweet potato and no tuna & mayo.

Thursday and Friday: Strawberry Risotto

Saturday: Pandan rice with sajoer beans.

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