Sunday, March 16, 2014

Menu for week 11

This week was a bit of a standard week for us. Some easy stuff on the menu but also some things new, and even some baking :) We also made a new batch of nut butter, because I had a lot of leftover cashews from the curry from Sunday, and I felt like making our own nut butter once more only this time with cashews as a base :)

Sunday: Another batch of Pumpkin Curry Masala

Monday: Pizza funghi

Tuesday: Spinach pancakes from the book Plenty (recipe to come)

Wednesday and Thursday: Parmigiana (recipe to come)

Thursday Baking: Chocolate - ricotta cake (recipe to come)

Friday: Patak's curry Tikka masala with sweet potatoes, potatoes, bell pepper, tomato and spinach. Served with naan.
Saturday: We tried an Indian Tomato Soup but didn't like it, so we ended up with fries and snacks. No picture was taken.

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