Sunday, March 2, 2014

Menu for week 09

This week we had a mix of some new recipes and some other things. Like cooking from the pantry. I try to mix it up a bit. I have several cooking projects I am working on atm. Cooking on a budget, cooking from my non vegetarian cookbooks and cooking from the pantry. This results in a nice mix of dishes.

Sunday: Vega shoarma with pita and fries.

Monday: Minestrone soup (from a package, not something I like to repeat)

Tuesday and Wednesday: Potato ovendish with mushrooms and bell pepper.

Thursday and Friday: Indian Spinach curry.

Friday lunch: Egg-avocado salad on bread. (recipe to come)

Saturday lunch: Kabak mucver (recipe to come)

Saturday: Foe yong hai (recipe to come)

For next week my own projects will go on hold to cook from I <3 groente, a book that I got from the library. I saw some really tasty looking and original recipes so I have to try some :)

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