Sunday, February 2, 2014

Menu for week 05

This week there was some baking, some easy recipes and some new ones :) A nice mix of things I would say. We have been cooking from the book "de snelle vegetarier" (the quick vegetarian) that I borrowed from the library. A fun book with original ideas.

Sunday Baking: We made a pepernoten-pear pie. It tasted great :) (recipe to come)

Sunday: Sweet potato fries with crusted fish and basil mayo. Recipe from jamie oliver, which we already made a lot, but isn't on the blog yet! Shocking!

Monday: Cajun black bean burgers with couescous, avocado and cilantro-yoghurt sauce. From de snelle vegetarier. I won't blog the recipe because I already have a recipe on here for Tex Mex burgers, which is similar but I liked better. It is however a great idea to serve your burger with couscous.

Tuesday: Spinach Mashpot, also from de snelle vegetarier. (recipe to come)

Wednesday: Stuffed pitas. (recipe to come)

Thursday and Friday: Butternut and cranberry risotto.

Saturday: Sushi at the gopherdiner. This is a yearly thank you dinner for the volunteers of Abunai.

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