Sunday, January 19, 2014

Menu for week 03

This week went a bit weird. I had to make some alterations because of the stupid flu I had. But I am all better now.

Sunday: Just a simple tomato soup. I couldn't even eat half the bowl.

Monday: Udon noodles with bell peppers, mushrooms and beans. I only ate a little portion of it. But the BF had to eat, so therefore he did cook. As you can see, this picture is taken in bed ;)
Tuesday: We had simple pancakes. I forgot to take a picture.

Wednesday: Wraps with tofu, black beans, feta, lettuce. Recipe to come.

Thursday and Friday: "Babi" ketjap. Veggie style, with veggie bacon bits, mushrooms and beans. Recipe to come.

Saturday: Nick was out to visit family, so I pimped a ready made mashpot with some bell pepper and feta.

For next week it is a mix of new things and some easy go to recipes. Tonight we will be cooking for the foodblogevent. Which isn't the same as the foodblogswap. I am looking forward to it :)

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