Sunday, December 29, 2013

Menu for week 52

This weeks menu is a bit of an oddball because x-mas happened. We tried to eat regular, easy things on other days. But because of that not so many new recipes as we normally have.

Sunday: We went to a friends house for games, and he cooked us some great Indian food! Sweet potatoes, coconut beans and tempeh in dark soy sauce. Lovely!

Monday: We were lucky again because my mom dropped us some leftover veggie food from a x-mas buffet she was having. There is rice and sweet and sour veggies, sateh and salad.

Tuesday: Tapas with friends. Not all tapas made the picture. Not on the picture are the pesto stuffed mushrooms, veggie "meat" balls and mini vanilla-oreo cupcakes as dessert.

These were made by our friend Fhant, it are bread rolls stuffed with salmon, cream cheese, pesto and bell pepper in different combinations.

We made 3 different kinds of herb butters (recipe to come).

Wednesday and Thursday: We did raclette at my moms place and the next day we ate the left overs at home. Front is the the meat station, in the back the veggie one :)

Friday: Mashpot white beans and green beans with creme fraiche and chives.

Saturday: Wintery oven dish with kale and mushrooms. We will be having that today as well (recipe to come)

That was it! Nothing too special but tasty still :) Expect something similar for next week. With new year coming we will be doing easy things, but I will make the herb butter on repeat, but try some new flavours as well. I am also planning to make something sweet :)

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