Sunday, December 15, 2013

Menu for week 50

So here is what we ate again last week. I am a bit behind with blogging recipes. But I am not too bothered about it, or at least I try no to be, because I really don't want to put the pressure on myself. Blogging should be fun right?

Anyway, let's have a look what was on the menu!

Sunday and Monday: Nacho Pescado. I love dishes with nachos in them, this tasted really great! The recipe is from 24-Kitchen.

Tuesday and Wednesday: We had a savoury baklava with spinach. Recipe to come.

Wednesday dessert: I have a lot of leftover kruidnoten from Sinterklaas, so we made a dessert with it. Recipe to come.

Thursday lunch: Potato salad with avocado, egg and chives. Mine had some mackerel as well.

Thursday and Friday: Noodles (bami) with beans, corns, bell pepper, egg and sateh sauce.
Saturday: Rosemary potatoes from the oven with beans and mushrooms.

For next week, I already did some baking for the bento for school and I plan to make 2 new dishes. Hopefully I will get to blog the recipes, but I have a busy week ahead, so no promises ;)

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