Monday, December 9, 2013

Menu for week 49

Last week was quite eventful kitchen wise. We tried 3 new recipes. WE also cooked some older favorites, so it was nicely balanced. Now that I am blogging my menus again, I do notice that we still eat a great variety of things, so that is good :)  Let's look back on what we ate :)

 Sunday baking: Speculaas brownies. Really delicious!

Sunday: Mashpot "Heerlijk avondje"

Monday and Tuesday: Leek-ricotta quiche (recipe to come)

Wednesday: Homemade veggie burgers

Thursday Lunch: Sushi salad bowl

Thursday and Friday: Gnocchi ovendish

Thursday evening: Sinterklaas candy :)
Saturday: ate at a friend's b-day party.

Yesterday we already tried a new recipe as well and tomorrow we will cook for the foodblogswap. The menu for this week is already planned out as well. I only need one more item for a breadless lunch on Thursday or so.

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