Sunday, December 1, 2013

Menu for week 48

I am afraid this week's menu is hardly eventful. I am on a budget because I want to be able to buy presents this month ;) So I am spending less on food than I normally would. This results in the standard Dutch potato and veg combination, switched up with a cheap pasta dish or so ;) Anyway here is the menu:

Sunday: Pomme Duchess, spinach and egg, and vegetarian meatballs, for which I need to do a recipe some time :)

Monday and Tuesday: Three bean chili

Wednesday: Cauliflower, mashed sweet potatoes, apple sauce and vegetarian sateh snitzel

Thursday Lunch: Green bean salad

Thursday and Friday: Pasta with spinach, cream cheese and sundried tomatoes

Saturday: Baked potatoes, white beans in tomato sauce, apple sauce and fish fingers.

For next week there will be a few more new recipes on the menu. Today I will be baking brownies :)

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