Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Snack Review: Petit Pastel Ice Cream Chocolates

From Tofu Cute I got these cute little chocolate ice creams from the brand Kabaya. I reviewed several snacks of this brand before and in general I like this brand. Let's continue to get to know this fun little snack.

As you can see it are milk chocolate cones with colored "ice cream" on top. The smell of these things is really sweet. Not too much but just sweet enough to boost your appetite. The cone is a bit like M&M's crispy and this is a nice addition, in my opinion. The colored chocolate does taste a bit sweeter than the milk chocolate cones. There are two bags in the box and each bag contains 10 little ice creams. This is just a fun and tasty little snack which I wouldn't mind buying again. You can do so at Tofu Cute for 2,50 pounds.

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