Thursday, November 15, 2012

Weekly menu week 46-47

Another week without the vegetable bag. Because we have to go out of our way to collect it, it is just not something we can do when we have hectic weeks. This week surely qualifies. Not only I am sick again, but so was one of our cats, keeping us up at night. So this weeks menu is very uninspired. Especially before the weekend. Still I wanted to post it, mainly because it is so easy to have it online for us to fall back on ;)

The menu for week 46-47 will be:
Thursday: Baked potatoes with spinach and a veggie burger.
Friday: Baked potatoes with white beans in tomatosauce and a veggie burger
Saturday: Ginger Peanut Squash soup (VEW P129)

Sunday: Macaroni with mushrooms and mascarpone (see recipe index)
Monday: Chili sin carne in pita (vegetarisch fit no30 p19)
Tuesday: No cooking so probably leftovers from Monday
Wednesday: No clue yet ;)
Extra: A tropical themed smoothie
Weekend Baking: French Apple pie (Appeltaart p20)

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