Thursday, November 1, 2012

Vitatas #26

I am still cooking from cookbooks a lot for my cookbook challenge. (see the banner in the left sidebar for more info) and mainly from The meat Free Monday cookbook that I currently have for review :)

In the bag this week we have: Hass avocado, chicory, bok choi, little gem lettuce, raddishes, spaghetti pumpkin (so pretty!!) and sweet potatoes.

The menu for this week will be:
Thursday and Friday: Potato oven dish with bell pepper and mushrooms (from last week) and faux meat.
Saturday: Warm apple-radish salad (Meat Free Monday Cookbook p52)
Sunday: Noodles with veggie stir fry (bok choi and other vegs) (Meat Free Monday Cookbook p114)
Monday: Indian spiced coconut-yam soup (the Karma Chow Ultimate Cookbook p95)
Tuesday: We have no time to cook, so we will just do take out or something easy
Wednesday: Pasta with tomatosauce and pumpkin (Dutch recipe here)
Weekend baking: Lemonies (Lemon Brownies, recipe here)


  1. Hi Cynni! I have just been having a good nose around your blog - I love it! And I now have a great idea for the lovely salad picks you sent me. Bento is so cute! xx

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment :) I hope that you will have great fun with the picks :)