Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Snack Review: Toppo Custard Pudding

Next to Pocky, I also really like Toppo sticks. These are kind of an inside out Pocky and carry the filling inside of the biscuit. With the right flavour these can be a real treat.

Toppo is manufactured by Lotte, famous for their koala cookies. The package contains two sachets and each sachet contains about 12 sticks. They smell a bit like caramel, this is because of the flavour of the biscuit, which is sweet, but also a bit salty. The filling is indeed a vanilla custard and it tastes really good. They don't have a really strong flavour but are nicely balanced out. I really like this type of Toppo and I would surely buy those again. I got these on J-list for about $3.50.

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