Friday, November 30, 2012

Foodie Penpals November 2012

When I visited De Bakparade, one of my favorite Dutch baking blogs, I came across the concept of Foodie Pen Pals. People are matched and send a package full of foodie stuff to another person and also get one back from a different person. I always love to try new things and that is why I signed up! This is the second month I am participating.

Judith, my foodie penpal who was sending to me, also came from the Netherlands. It is true that getting a package from your own country is less exciting than getting one from a different country but this post will prove that getting a package from your own country doesn't have to be boring at all!

By my request I got a package with all kinds of local goodies! Because she lives way north in Groningen and I live more south, I didn't know much of the local products there so it was a fun package to get!

Not so local but much welcome are these mixed chocolate nuts! It was a good quality mix and I enjoyed it very much! I also got a sachet of Aspen Mulling cider spices. I never heard of them but there was a print out on how to use them. I am very excited about it because there are so many possibilities. But I haven't used them yet.

 The bag of Grunneger Klaai Kloeten was eaten by my BF Zeronic ;) It is a kind of liqorice that he loves very much. All though we never had this specific ones. Next to it is a small jar of Groningse mustard. I am curious if it will taste different from other brands :)

Now the item I am most excited about! A bakemix for "Oudewijvenkoek"! I have no clue what kind of cake this is going to be, but it smells really nice! I also looked on the website and saw more delicious goodies. This will be baked soon and then I will post about it on the blog. Last is warming tea, a special winter blend. I came across this tea before on a market of some sort, but never tried it. I love tea so that is always a good gift to get!

Of course I also sent a package. My foodie penpal was Sally. Check out her blog to see what she thought of my package! If you want to join Foodie Penpals (Europe) check out the banner in the side bar on the left!

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