Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vitatas #23

It is time for a weekly menu once more. This will be my 3rd week in the VeggieChallenge so I will have 2 vegan days in the menu again.

This week we have: cabbage, iceberg lettuce, fennel, eggplants, corn and zucchini.

To be honest I planned most of my menu yesterday before the bag came in, and now we have only 1 piece of corn on the cob. And 2 eggplants and zucchinis. I love both eggplant and zucchini but now I am simply too tired to change it all around again. I know, I can't really plan in advance with a veggie bag however I knew that I had a busy day today, tomorrow and Saturday. But I will just roll with it. Need to think of something for those beautiful eggplants though.

The menu for week 28-29 will be:
Thursday: Something really simple like soup and bread. (I just heard Nick has a flat tire and we are both really tired)
Friday: Vegan Friendly Vegetable stew (leftover from last week from freezer stash)
Saturday: I will be out all day so probably grab something on the road
Sunday: Corn on the cob in a buttered tomato-cilantro sauce with sweet potato fries
Monday: Gnocchi with zucchini sauce
Tuesday: Mashed potatoes and fennel with some other veggies and tofu loaf from La Dolce Vegan (vegan day)
Wednesday: Masala burgers with masala mayonnaise from Everyday Happy Herbivore. For the mayo I will use the recipe from Gnoe as a base and spice it up. (vegan day)
Optional I will bake lemon poppyseed muffins on Monday from Vegan Brunch, but that depends on my energy level.

The menu is really simple but we are a bit overwhelmed these days. I am not even sure why, there are just so much little things going on that everything seems like too much atm. We originally planned to go to dinner next week one day but it seems that the 4 day marches are stating and that is always a busy week in the city centre because people from all over the world come to our city for that and the surrounding festivities. Not a good time to try vegan in the city ;)

For the recipes please wait till my Weekend cooking post of that week. I will share the ones that were good in my weekly VeggieChallenge roundup. Except for the Vegan Friendly Stew and the Gnocchi, they can be found in the recipe index.

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