Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vitatas #20

It has been a good while since we had a vegetable bag. But Zeronic's hand is almost healed and he can collect them again, so we had a fresh bag of veggies once more. Starting from next week there will be two vegan days in my menu during the month of July. But I had to get back in the swing of menu planning, so I kept it fairly simple this week.

In the bag are fennel bulbs, spinach, lettuce, a huge sweet potato and turnips. I never had turnips before so suggestions on what to do with them are welcome :)

The menu for week 25/26 will be:
Thursday: Sweet potato curry with spinach and naan
Friday: Also sweet potato curry with spinach but in wraps
Saturday: Homemade lamacun (Turkish pizza) with salad
Sunday: We have dinner at my mom's
Monday: Pesto pasta with fennel beans (recipe here)
Tuesday: Potato-turnip-garlic mash with faux meat and more veggies from Just Vegetable Recipes
Wednesday: Quinoa salad with feta cheese and watermelon from Annie's Eats

Hopefully I will be able to make a good partly vegan menu next week :) I have at least plenty of vegan cookbooks laying around :)

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