Friday, March 16, 2012

Vitatas #16

This vegetable bag gives me a very summery feeling!

In the bag there is a red bell pepper, bok choy, mix for vegetable soup, sugar snaps, tomatoes and a zucchini. Still because the veggies are in rather small portions, it was a bit of a challenge to make a menu. Luckily I have a leftover butternut to throw in the mix.

The menu for week 11/12 will be:
Friday: Leftover Vegan Chili from last week
Saturday: Turkish bread topped pizza style with veggies
Sunday: Gnocchi with courgettesauce
Monday: Egg curry in roti pancakes inspired by a recipe from Tess at Home
Tuesday: Maybe take out sushi with a groupon
Wednesday: Butternut risotto
Thursday: Sweet cabbage stir fry (with bok choy, bell pepper and sugarsnaps)

Recipes from the gnocchi, butternut risotto and sweet cabbage stir fry can be found in the recipe index.

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