Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vitatas #14

Mostly I post the menu posts on Fridays but last Friday was a very busy day, therefore I post my weekly menu now on Sunday ;) We had skipped a week of the vegetable bag because the delivery day changed. It is now Thursday but we can still collect it on Friday if we want to. But with that the weeks changed around a bit and I didn't feel like getting the same bag twice.

We had quite a full bag this week! There are sugar snaps, celery (which we gave away), white cabbage, turnip tops, leek, 3 zucchinis and broccoli.

The menu for week 9/10 will be:
Thursday: Gnocchi with zucchini sauce
Friday: Dinner at a friends house
Saturday: Turnip top mashpot with vegetarian bacon and applesauce
Sunday: Crisis Soup (with the white cabbage, leek and some leftover veggies)
Monday: Something with zucchini (need to think of something still)
Tuesday: Chimmichurri (with the sugar snaps)
Wednesday: Pasta with broccoli and mascarpone
Thursday: Crisis Soup
Bento: Bell pepper cake

You can find some of the recipes in the recipe index (the Crisis soup, the gnocchi and the mashpot)

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