Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Snack Review: Morinaga Koeda x Mister Donut Angel French

I have another batch of snacks from J-List and this is the first snack I will review from that batch. I was happy to see that J-List had some lesser known Japanese snacks because I am always interested in reviewing those and make them more known. I reviewed white chocolate balls from the brand Morinaga before and I loved these, so I hoped that these would be just as good.

I actually thought that there would be sticks and cookies in the box because of the pictures on the package. But the box contains only the sticks. There are 12 packages containing 4 little sticks of white chocolate. Those individual packages are very handy to include in a bento. These are white chocolate sticks but in the coating there are also pieces of biscuit and small nuts. They taste very creamy and it makes a great combination. There is a hint of hazelnut that you can taste in the sticks as well.

I really loved these sticks and I hope that I will be able to get my hands on more products by this company because so far I am very happy about the taste and quality of their products. Only the name of this snack I find a bit too complicated ;) You can buy a 3-pack of those snacks for $12 on J-list.

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