Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Snack Review: Kabaya Saku Panda Chocolate Monaka

When I encountered this cute cookie on J-list, I couldn't resist and grabbed one with order.

Kabaya is a brand I never heard of before but they are famous for their Candy Toys. These are figurines that come with candy. They are more oriented on boys, so that could explain why I never have seen anything by them before. This cookie is nothing like that though and it didn't come with any toy.

The snack is basically a cup made of cookie and filled with a thick bubbly chocolate layer. Or maybe I should say a wafer because it is the exact same type that you get served with ice cream sorbets. The brown chocolate parts were really tasty, however the while milky chocolate parts were kind of bland. Normally I like the sweet milk flavor but this hardly had any. This is too bad because if it would have been the other way around this would have made for a perfect snack. I do have to compliment on the concept though. It is one I never seen earlier and I quite like the idea. This cookie can be bought for $1,50 on J-List.

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  1. This looks so cute cookie..I am feeling glad and satisfied with its reasonable price..Thanks for this wonderful postPanda Cafe