Friday, December 2, 2011

Vitatas #7

Menu planning was another challenge this week. I mean, I have 4 leeks! And they aren't planned in yet ;) I have several leek recipes but I will wait until Zeronic is home so he can have a say too on which one it will be :) To add to this mix: I have also 2 courgettes and a butternut pumpkin left. I also bought cherry tomatoes :)

The Weekly menu for week 48/49 will be:
Friday: Pumpkin Risotto with grilled courgette and oven roasted cherry tomatoes.

Saturday: Onigiri with Sweet Potato filling (recipe here)
Sunday: Turkish Bread with Pizza topping from homemade tomato sauce, courgette, eggplant and cherry tomatoes with some cheese. (Sharing with friends)

Monday and Tuesday: Lasagne with carrots and pesto, a recipe that Zeronic wanted to try. (recipe here)
Wednesday: Fennel Soup
Thursday: Creamy Leek and Spinach with pasta
Bento: Broccoli Muffins (recipe here)

If you are curious what menus I have created in previous weeks, please go to the weekly menu page. 

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