Monday, December 5, 2011

Snack Review: Pepero Almond

In the world of Japanese stick snacks, pocky is the most popular brand. In the Dutch anime scene all other stick snacks are often seen as fake copies of lesser quality. People often go as far that they won't even buy the snacks unless it is pocky and are very brand sensitive. Now the question is, is this a justified conclusion? Or are these just as good or even better than the world famous pocky?

Pepero is a product of Lotte, who are more famous for their koala cookies. They are indeed inspired by Pocky and even have their own day. On 11-11 students exchange boxes of pepero to wish eachother to grow as tall and slender as a pepero stick.

I got this box from a friend of mine, so I don't have the exact price information this time (and no not on 11-11 ;) ). The box contains 36gr of pepero sticks. What is different for pocky is that the layer of chocolate seems much thicker on pepero sticks, this also goes for the biscuit sticks. There are also plenty of almonds in the coating. The quality of the chocolate is still mediocre compared to Dutch chocolate but about the same quality as pocky. I really loved this combination and the whole box was gone before I knew it! But with only 36 grams in a box the damage isn't too great. I will buy these myself for sure if I encounter them! They are a great snack to munch on! My verdict is that these are just as great as pocky and I would encourage people to set their brand issues aside because you are missing out!

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