Tuesday, September 6, 2011

#102 - Double Falafel & Salad bento

Tomorrow I have to start school again so it was finally time to prepare another bento :) Zeronic has been working only half days lately so he didn't really need a bento. He also works a half day tomorrow, but I had to make one anyway, so he is lucky ;)

In this bento there are pita pockets (I so regret that I can't find mini pita pockets anywhere) which will be filled with the falafel and salad. The salad contains of endive, cucumber, feta and rocket lettuce. Mine also had grape tomatoes. There is dressing in the cup.

The rocket lettuce is actually growing on my own balcony! I started planting some veggies lately but the rocket lettuce is the only one that I can harvest so soon :)

I really like having my own veggies on the balcony and I hope I will be able to grow a lot more next season. I have some more for the fall coming up. But they aren't ready yet. Hopefully I will be able to harvest some more from my balcony this year :)

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