Friday, June 10, 2011

#90 - Wrap & Veggies bento in a new box

Sadly I had to say goodbye to two of my bento boxes. I had them for a long time. Maybe 4 or 5 years, but the print on the lids has totally vanished.

I did love the print on these boxes. It was simple and elegant. But as you can see, they had their best time. Maybe I could repaint the lids myself, but I need to look up more information on that. If you have any ideas on this, please let me know. The lids of most of my sauce cups, weren't any better so I decided a while ago that it was time to get a new box and new cups.

Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. I had almost no daylight at all today and while it looks like the pics are taken at night, I actually took them this morning. I choose for an almost square bento box. I have one of them already and I find them very easy to use and they can hold much more than I thought at first. I actually use these more often than the more common ones that are shown above and I noticed that having only one wasn't handy when Nick and I needed a bento at the same time. I had my eye on this clean and simple bird design for a while now, so I am glad I was able to buy it. I also bought new cute Ms Bunny and Stitch sauce cups :)

Today I used the bento for the first time. Zeronic starts his first day at work today! He finally has a job again and now works at a local vegetable and fruit store :) As my regular readers know, most of my bento are vegetarian since I don't eat meat and even Zeronic's bento are often vegetarian. But he wanted to buy some meat this time, so I made wraps with that. In the sausage roll ups is some herbal cheese and there is actually a double layer of wrap in the bento box. In the other tier there are stir fried paprika, courgette, spring onions and quorn pieces in a lemon grass sauce. Since Zeronic now works again, this blog will be updated with actual bento more often :) But I did like the way I used the blog during Zeronic's days of unemployment so it will become a mix now of bento, regular recipes and reviews. The change you might notice is that it will get updated more often again :)

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  1. Looking good! Very cute bird-bento.. *envy* ;)

    How is Zeronic doing at his new job? Sorry for the late comment but your post was still on my 'to read'-list. ;) Love to see more bentos on your blog again!