Saturday, January 29, 2011

#64 - Sweet Potato Curry Bento

This is the last bento of the week! Yay for me because I made 6 bento in the past week and my supplies are running low. Not that I have really time to shop this weekend, since Tsunacon, a Japanese culture & anime convention, is just around the corner. So this bento has a bit of everything. Things I needed to use, before they would go bad because I hate it to waste food (and other things for that matter)

In this bento some sweet potato curry with normal potatoes, tomato & beans, some snow peas & spring onions in garlic & coriander sauce. In the other tier there are wieners, clementine and apple hearts. BBQ sauce for the wieners in the Stitch cup.

Tomorrow's post will have no bento, but a review on the bento book Face Food by Christopher D. Salyers. So if you are curious, feel free to drop by :) Have a nice weekend all!

1 comment:

  1. I love your nicely cut apples!!!
    Hope you'll have fun at the convention!