Tuesday, January 25, 2011

#60 - Lasagne bento with snowflakes

I recently bought this snowflake cutter at Koek-it, and I had to try it in a bento before the winter would be all gone. The first signs of spring are already showing here, so before you know it winter is a thing of the past :)

In the bento there is vegetarian lasagne with spinach as a main dish. On top there are some mozzarella snowflakes & basil leaves. Clementine, apple and veggie sausages as sides.

I have been experimenting making some veggie "meat" balls today. And played some more with mozzarella. But more on that tomorrow ;)


  1. Is the lasagna to be eaten cold? I wonder what that's like (never tried it). The snowflakes look lovely. You definitely should use them a bit more often this winter.

  2. @Leeswammes: No, the BF is lucky to have a microwave at work. So he will warm it up (and the mozzarella will melt over it). He has to 12.00 to 19.00 shift so it is a dinner bento. That is why I decided to pack something filling.

  3. Nice bento! Thanks for submitting it to Bento Central! :)