Monday, April 5, 2010

Bento #30 - Easter day bento

This is the first bento of this week and with this post I am back on track! I have been rather sick last week and tired, that is why I post all of the bento I did on one day. Anyway, since the boyfriend has to work today (2nd Easter Day), I tried to give him a bit of a treat. All though it is a speedy bento.

In this speedy bento there are apple and cucumber bunnies, easter eggs and some laughing cow cheese. Last there is some special Easter bread with butter we serve here in Holland with x-mas and Easter. It has raisins and other dried fruits mixed in together with something really sweet almond paste in the middle. I honestly don't know the English name for it, but we call it "spijs".


  1. So light, I love the apple and cucumber bunnies. Nice speedy bento.

  2. I really like the bunnies - so cute! Bento looks really nice.

  3. my grandfather passed down a recipe for a special sweet bread we have for Christmas & Easter too, but it is from Austria I think. So yummy. My mom has always made it for us, I have not attempted it yet but hope to one of these days.

  4. My grandma used to make that bread, (she was Dutch) it brings back such memories. She was the best baker.

    I love the cucumber bunnies. I am enjoying you blog here. Nice bentos. I haven't been brave enough to post any of mine yet!

  5. Thank you so much for your kind comment :)

  6. Love your bento blog! How did you cut the bunny head/hearts? Do you use a stencil or cut it free-hand?