Monday, August 18, 2014

Menu for week 33

I am so happy about what we ate last week! Everything me made was really delicious! Prepare for a lot of new recipes! I am planning to write and schedule some posts, so the blog won't stay completely empty during the Abunai period. I need to see if I can squeeze it in, so no promises, but the recipe will appear sooner or later anyway ;)

Sunday: Vegetarian lamacun wrap, a Turkish pizza. Really easy, really delicious. This will become one of our new favorites!

Monday and Tuesday: Mushroom and herbal cheese quiche. Another really easy but good recipe!

Wednesday Baking: Vanilla shortbread cookies. A basic cookie recipe that is good for using cookie cutters.

Wednesday: Summer fritatta with soup. Light, and very tasty!!

Thursday and Friday: Beans, Indian Style. No curry, but good all the same!

Saturday: Kumpir. A Turkish stuffed potato. Also a dish that I wanted to make since forever. All of the above recipes will be shared on the blog :)

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