Sunday, August 10, 2014

Menu for week 32

I am ashamed! I only have 4 pictures to show you this week! This is partly because I ate away from home 2 days this week and weirdly enough, I almost always forget to take pictures of my food when I eat elsewhere. Anyway, here is the menu.

Sunday: We celebrated Nick's and my birthdays at my moms place. We did a BBQ. I made stuffed mushrooms to grill and we made our own herb butter and couscous salad to go with the BBQ.

Monday and Tuesday: The cauliflower was on sale again and we tried this simple but tasty pasta dish with cauliflower. (recipe to come)

Wednesday Baking: Apple Flapjacks from the new apple pie book I got for my b-day (recipe to come)

Wednesday: The lentil and white bean stew. Yes, on a budget. We have been eating on a budget the past weeks, and will mostly continue to do so in the weeks to come.
Thursday: We had a meeting at location for Abunai! They served luxury breadrolls at the meeting. I had one with salmon and one with old cheese.

Friday: Baked potatoes, creamy spinach with egg and veggie meatballs.
Saturday: I was supposed to go work on more Abunai! stuff at another staff member's house, but I got sick so I had to stay home. We didn't plan for anything, so we just ate store bought quiche.

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