Monday, June 2, 2014

Menu for week 22

The past week I had a budget menu. I bought my veggies on sale and was able to make some nice new budget recipes. This was to even out that we went out for lunch for Nick's birthday. We also had a picnic on Saturday which was fun and we made some extra dishes for that. The menu is a day late because I was so tired from that picnic yesterday.

Sunday: I had sushi and Nick had a pizza

Monday lunch: Bagels and Beans! Mine is a sundried tomato cream cheese bagel with pesto.

Monday and Tuesday: Broccoli quiche (recipe to come)

Wednesday: Garden tomato soup with a toastie (recipe to come)

Thursday and Friday: Spaghetti with tomato peach sauce (recipe to come)

Saturday picnic: Vegan couscous salad. It is our go to recipe but instead of feta we used sweet potato.

Saturday picnic: Road runner cake (recipe to come)
Saturday: After the picnic I wasn't really hungry anymore, so I basically skipped my evening meal. This was fine though, I had plenty to eat ;) 

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