Sunday, March 23, 2014

Menu for week 12

I have some troubles with my computer and a busy day ahead, so I will keep this short and sweet ;) This is what we ate in week 12.

Sunday: We ate out after the Abunai staff boardgame meeting, but I forgot to take a picture from my pasta pesto.

Monday: Sweet potato cakes from the cookbook plenty. (recipe to come)

Tuesday lunch: Sandwich no-tuna salad. The no tuna is from de Vegetarische Slager, and does resemble canned tuna a lot. Must try to make sushi with this.

Tuesday: Mashpot naked butts in the grass (aka green and white beans)

Wednesday: Tagliatelle with ricotta, lemon and turnip tops. (recipe to come)

Thursday and Friday: Chili sin carne tex mex with fresh guacamole (recipe to come)

Saturday: we ate out again, for a belated b-day party at the ABC restaurant. I forgot to take a picture from the main course I had ;)

Well that's it! Recipes will follow. I now need to move on to digital preparations for Project Life, so Nick can fix my computer later.

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