Sunday, March 9, 2014

Menu for week 10

So many new recipes this week! We have the I <3 groente book from the library and I used it a lot this week. So far the recipes we tried are good! I should write a proper review, but to be honest I am not sure if I will find the time to do it. We'll see. What was on the table in week 10?

Sunday and Monday: We had pasta alfredo.

Monday Lunch: A sausage roll is commonly eaten in the Netherlands but I didn't have a proper one since I became veggie. This one is from de vegetarische slager (vegetarian butcher) and really good! Highly recommended!
Tuesday: we were supposed to eat chili sin carne from the freezer stash. But somehow it didn't really taste like anything anymore. So we ordered a Subway sandwich, which I forgot to photograph because we were so hungry!

Wednesday: Greek fish in beer batter (recipe to come)

Thursday baking: We made blondies, white chocolate brownies. Recipe to come.

Thursday and Friday: Crustless spinach quiche. All though this was so light that it wasn't enough for two days to be honest. But really tasty so recipe to come.

Saturday Lunch: Revuelto with mushrooms and goats cheese. (recipe to come)

Saturday (and Sunday): Pumpkin curry masala with a roti pancake. Recipe to come.

The last 3 recipes were from the I <3 groente book. I am really enjoying cooking from the book because most of the stuff is so easy! I will cook a few more recipes from the book over the next couple of weeks. But all the cookbooks seem to come at once at the library now ;) And yes, the recipes are coming. I already scheduled 3 of them ;)

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