Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Snack Review: Morinaga Pachi Pachi Choco Ball

Who follows my snack reviews for a while, might remember that I just love Morinaga choco balls. Too bad that they are so hard to find. Therefore I consider myself very lucky that I was able to get my hands on a new flavor over at J-list.

The outside of these little balls are just made of milk chocolate. The inside however is crispy, a bit like crispy M&M's. But there is another surprise inside. Do you remember those frizzy candies from when you were a child? Well that is exactly what is going on in here. The is some frizz powder hiding in the inside that is tingling in your mouth. Quite funny actually to experience that again. I would think it is fun to offer one to a friend who wouldn't expect a thing ;) (But I guess that all of my friends will read this review, so I can't use that trick). Anyway, if you are in for a taste of nostalgia, hop over to J-List. They are only $1,75 a box. But better be quick because it might be sold out in no time!

And for those who missed it last time.. here is the Japanese commercial ;)

Enjoy ;)

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