Wednesday, October 10, 2012

#126 - Inarizushi bento

Over the summer my boyfriend Zeronic worked longer hours for a few weeks and did request if I could make him some bento on the longer days. My bento making had been on hold for a while, so I didn't mind making some again.

In this bento is some inarizushi - filled tofu sachets. We had them left over from our sushi meal from the day before. Other than that I fried some leftover bell pepper, added some cucumber and mixed beans from my freezer stash. Too bad that I didn't have any more inarizushi for myself that afternoon because I put it all in here ;)


  1. That's sweet, that you gave all leftover tofu puffs to Zeronic! I'm glad to see a bento again on She Likes Bento. :)

    1. Well I actually have lined up a bento almost every Wednesday until mid November ;)

  2. Tofu puffs, my favourite. I could easily eat half a pack of that stuff ;) Nice bento, I'm sure it filled Z up!